ANXIETY AND THE MASKS WE WEAR is a collection that is very personal to me.

It reflects upon dealing with certain elements linked with anxiety. It is about breaking the stigma of mental health, by speaking about it and not hiding behind masks. To feel encouraged and to be open.

The collection provides a sense of comfort, as well as, feelings of restraint and worry.

The silhouettes have been inspired through draping my yoga mat, as well as, furniture design and contemporary art.

ROOYA is an up-and-coming luxury womenswear brand named after the designer, Rooya Rasheed.
She emigrated from the Maldives to Australia and then moved to the United Kingdom.
Her decision to name the brand after herself was because it was a reflection of her upbringing, being born in the East and moving to the West and the challenges of being part of two clashing cultures.
Furthermore the name of Persian origin means vision, adding to the brands depth as it is a vision inspired by the designers life, her dreams, aspirations and also challenges and overcoming them.
As  it’s largely based on the designer’s own personality it is first and foremost open and vulnerable, however looking deeper the brand is daring, imaginative, independent, real with a sense of originality that comes from a life of adaptation and fitting in.
Having a prior BA Hons degree in Industrial Design at RMIT, she has been greatly influenced by furniture and product design.



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