Rus The Brand

Superkid Mohair

Brushed for a fluffy appearance mohair is the fleece from the Angora goat, lightweight and extremely soft yet durable and resilient.

Its receptiveness to rich dyes allows us to produce our most special colors in this fiber, ensuring the following of the European regulations by our Italian mill.

The super kid mohair wool comes from the first shearing of the animal, when the fiber is finest and silky

Long-lasting high quality pieces for the nonconformist muses of now


RUS is the brainchild of two sisters proposing long-lasting high quality pieces for the nonconformist muses of now.

We aim to inspire women to curate and create their own dressing ritual, layering pieces in infinite ways.

RUS is part of a global movement that believes in selecting rather than accumulating, producing garments meant to be rediscovered season after season.  

We’re inspired by the fluidity of nature, with its color schemes and exquisite shapes, and how art, architecture and design capture in images those moments of ephemeral beauty.

RUS is born from that sensorial world, from tactile and visual experiences.

Waxed Cotton

British Millerain is a UK based manufacturer specialized in rainproof textiles. A pioneer in the development of paraffin-based waxed cotton, offering improved weather-resistance and breathability. Soft to the touch with a matt appearance their weatherproof waxed cotton ages during wear, producing unique pieces.



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