‘Save The Girls’ Cell Phone Touch Screen Purse; China Tariffs Threatening Small Businesses Stateside

When QVC sells out of 30,000 purses on a Friday in October everyone knows it’s a winner.

Tami Lange from Edwardsville IL. introduced a touch screen purse in late 2017.

Since then she has sold over 4 million dollars of her specialty crafted cell phone purses where consumers enjoy full access to their phones in a stylish purse.

Lange named the company ‘Save the Girls’ as a nod to her sister in law who used her bra as a cell phone pocket, even though she had breast cancer.

Cash Flow Challenge

As with any new start up business Lange’s had challenges. But her biggest is trying to manage the continual rise in tariffs while sourcing new factories for her touch screen purses. “As a small startup company, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the business and fly locally and around the world looking for factories to manufacture my touch screen purses.” Lange said.

Exclusion Applied For

Lange has applied for an exclusion which would allow her a one-year grace period from the tariffs but has yet to hear any word on the status of her application.

Breast Cancer Research Donations Curtailed

One of the features of ‘Save the Girls’ is 10% of it’s profits goes to Breast Cancer Research.  Lange says her connection with her Save the Girls brand and it’s connection with the tough woman who have overcome breast cancer keeps her getting up every day and fighting for Save the Girls and it’s continued success.

Save The Girls Origin

With two of her daughters ruining their phones (one lost on a trail and the second from accidentally throwing it in the wash) and then seeing her sister in law with breast cancer, pulling her phone from her bra, Lange decided to find a solution. She came up with a touch screen purse where women can text, talk, scroll social media, all while the phone is secure in a stylish purse.

The purse went viral with big names like Lori Greiner (of Shark Tank fame) even promoting the product. Lange’s biggest hurdle isn’t sales, it’s managing tariffs, cash flow and profit pinch. She has looked for alternative manufacturing in the states and abroad but hasn’t yet found a viable solution. Like millions of others, she is hoping for a timely resolution to the tariff impasse and a ‘Merrier Christmas’ in 2019.

About Save The Girls

Save the Girls is a purse company with a unique design which allows owners to use their cell phones to text, answer calls and other smartphone functions while still in their purse. Women who own a purse from Save The Girls can carry their phones everywhere, in a safe, fashionable purse.

CAPTION: Tami Lange who founded and owns Save The Girls spends her time managing ways that tariffs impact her business and customers while juggling all the other responsibilities she has as a start-up entrepreneur.


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