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South by Southwest 2018 Panel on Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion Technology

presented by The Candid Entrepreneur and virtue + vice

New York, NY – virtue + vice is the first clothing brand to offer 100% full supply chain transparency with a focus on customer education into the realities of the fashion industry.

The panel Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion Technology to be discussed during South by Southwest’s official lineup on March 10th, 2018 will explore the current state of the fashion supply chain and technologies that are revolutionizing sustainability within the industry.

As consumers, we are accustomed to seeing the final product of clothing, not the process.

virtue + vice aims to expose the realities of overseas manufacturing and spotlight the innovators and entrepreneurs who are dedicating their efforts to reinventing the way we wear clothing.

During the panel at SXSW DiSalvo will draw on her professional experiences to contribute insight to the current state of the fashion industry and barriers to change in the current system.

Did you know that there are some US importers that actually sell THIS VERY FABRIC as “vintage“?

One meter costs me about 300 rupies (less than $5), and I have seen it sold in NYC for over $500! Buyer beware!

Other speakers include Dr. Carmen Hijosa of Pinatex known for her vegan leather alternative made of pineapple fibers, and Amanda Parkes of the New York Fashion Tech Lab.

virtue + vice was founded in 2016 by Melanie DiSalvo as a way to give voice to the people who make our clothes.

After living and working in Asia, consulting and working on product for companies including Walmart, Target, Eileen Fisher, Tommy Hilfiger, Club Monaco, Hunter Boots, Burton, and Abercrombie & Fitch, DiSalvo decided the industry standard of manufacturing needed to change.

Disalvo states “One of the most important missions of virtue + vice is consumer education.  Through provocative articles that expose insider secrets, consumers can learn about what it is they are really buying.”

Articles include topics like – why most vintage is actually fakehow your charity t-shirt is doing more harm than goodand why fashion made with deadstock fabric is really just greenwashing.



Deadstock refers to old fabric that hasn’t been able to sell.

Maybe there are small damages, maybe the company who purchased it ordered too much, or maybe there is a small little-known industry secret.


The thought process goes, that because this fabric is extra, if it is not rescued by “eco” brands it will end up in a landfill.

Therefore they are doing the world an environmental justice by making “waste” into fashion.

virtue + vice is based in NYC and Goa, India.

Products are made from ethical, sustainable, and organically sourced materials, with a focus on full supply chain transparency, educating consumers on the true cost of their clothing, and supporting programs that give back to local communities


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