Shailene Woodley wore Yvan Tufenkjian earrings at the Hollywood Film Awards

Shailene Woodley
wore Yvan Tufenkjian diamond cluster earrings
at the Hollywood Film Awards
on November 4th, 2018
in Beverly Hills, California.

Yvan Tufenkjian diamond cluster earrings:


Driven by the pursuit of excellence, Yvan Tufenkjian’s dynamic creativity is fueled by his unbridled love of magnificent pieces. He is inspired by the power of jewellery and their significance to consumers’ lives. Once the design process is finalized, raw materials are transformed by a delicate play on colors, cuts, shapes, light and texture, in which forms and proportions reveal their inner artwork and original beauty through a continuous creative process, thus unveiling Tufenkjian’s know-how from the inside out. Inspired by strong women who don’t follow a prescribed pattern for life, the brand is on a quest to initiate its own social mission, set to endorse several key women in order to celebrate female empowerment, compliment feminine strength and inspire self-worth.
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