SHALAJ and H. Lorenzo have partnered to bring a unique streetwear collection to the fashion industry. 

H. Lorenzo, a Los Angeles-based retail store known for bringing a diverse aesthetic to the high-end retail industry by showcasing established and emerging designers from around the world, has teamed up with the luxury streetwear brand, SHALAJ. The partnership showcases garments from the SHALAJ Art Collection that are available for purchase exclusively in-store only at the H. Lorenzo Men’s store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. 

The garments were created by first drawing on top of the fabric as if it were a canvas. This is a fresh and unique technique that is new to the streetwear industry. Singular lines are meticulously drawn to complete the sketch using the fabric as a canvas. The design sketch is then printed on top of the high-quality fabric. This process of manufacturing clothing is indistinguishable from the creation of fine art. 

The ‘Art Piece’ line showcases the artistic aesthetics behind the SHALAJ brand. The printing and embroidery techniques used by SHALAJ create the most unique designs while also telling the story of the brand to the wearer. 

This year, SHALAJ has launched its DISGUISE Collection. The collection represents the ‘disguise’ people put on when interacting with others. 


SHALAJ was inspired by a fascination of fine art. Particularly, as a medium that evokes awe and wonder in audiences, and how it can transcend reality into endless possibilities. The brand is a gateway that can be used to explore new dimensions of street fashion. Each crafted piece from SHALAJ has a story that is designed into the fabric with meticulous attention to detail behind every look.   

H. Lorenzo Men
8700 W. Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069




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