Simple Retro Embraces Bridgerton’s Regencycore Trend

If you are looking for womenswear that is right on trend for this season, I wanted to highlight some of key pieces from womenswear label, Simple Retro (, which has some incredible pieces for those who found style inspo from the fan-favorite Netflix series Bridgerton and the latest Regencycore trend that it helped spark.

From statement florals to prominent puff sleeves, below you will find Simple Retro styles that will help channel one’s inner-Bridgerton this season.

Inspired by the ‘Regencycore’ Elegance of Bridgerton?

Simple Retro Helps You Nail the Romantic Look as We Patiently Await Season 2

After a year of quarantine, it’s pretty safe to say we have all been in need of a little escapism. It’s no surprise then that when Netflix released Bridgerton, a show that transported viewers to the extravagance-filled early 19th century Regency era of London, it became an instant hit

As one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the year so far, the series has even managed to inspire one of the latest fashion trends: Regencycore. The trend embraces fashion statements donned by the Regency era elite which consisted of statement florals, delicate puff sleeves, bright pastels, and dainty intricate details.

While the Bridgerton wardrobe may seem a bit over the top for 2021, and you probably won’t be in need of a ball gown anytime soon, there are still plenty of opportunities to incorporate some regency-flair into your day-to-day ensemble as we wait patiently for the premiere of season 2. For a more current spin on the Bridgerton look, womenswear label Simple Retro’s ( offering for Spring / Summer 2021 features modern takes on the iconic styles displayed throughout the show.

From statement florals to elegant ruffles, below we have highlighted some staple pieces from Simple Retro to channel your inner-Bridgerton this spring and summer.

Prominent Puff Sleeves

Above, From Left to Right: Aria Floral Cotton Maxi Dress, $69.99, Kiana 100% Cotton Plaid Blouse, $55.99

While you may not be attending an extravagent ball anytime soon, you can still rock accentuated puff sleeves with the Aria Floral Cotton Maxi Dress and Kiana 100% Cotton Plaid Blouse, which offer a more casual take on the signature Bridgerton look.

Featherington Florals

Above, From Left to Right: Rosio Floral Printed Midi Dress, $89.99, Kimura Floral Print Midi Dress, $59.99

Taking a note from the Featherington’s, who have a flair for bright florals, the Rosio Floral Printed Midi Dress and Kimura Floral Print Midi Dress capture the exquisite prints with a more 2021-appropriate silhouette, as opposed to the family’s floor-length gowns.

Vibrant Pastels

Above, From Left to Right: Kristen French V Neck Slip Dress – Yellow, $39.99, Kristen French V Neck Slip Dress – Purple, $39.99

Pastels reigned supreme among the Bridgertons. For a contemporary silhouette which embraces their go-to hues, the Kristin French V Neck Slip Dress is available in vibrant purple and yellow shades, which perfectly embody the Regencycore palette.

Regal Ruffles

Rosario Ruffle Blouse, $59.99, Victoria 100% Cotton Flower Mandarin Shirt, $49.99

Ruffles were all the rage during the Regency era. For a more subtle-take on ruffle detailing the Rosario Ruffle Blouse and Victoria 100% Cotton Flower Mandarin Shirt seamlessly adds a Bridgerton-Flair to any daytime look.

About Simple Retro:

On a mission to deliver fresh designs inspired by iconic vintage silhouettes, Simple Retro was launched in 2015 to bring some of the most sought after classic styles to women around the globe at an attainable price point. Seeking inspiration from decades passed, Simple Retro explores the history of fashion, carefully curating design concepts that revisit the most popular style periods with each weekly-released capsule collection.

Simple Retro’s design ethos focuses on creating pieces that are effortless and which transcend seasonal trends, fitting seamlessly within any modern wardrobe. As a woman-owned brand, Simple Retro seeks to empower women universally with a deep commitment to a price-inclusive approach when creating the brand’s timeless designs.

For more information on Simple Retro or to browse all current collections, please visit


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