Smelly hat, smelly hat what are they doing to you?

NoSweat  liners can help prevent smelly stained hats, Baseball hats, fitted hats, beanies, visors and fedoras are just some of the most popular styles of hats that are being worn today. Continuous wear of your favorite hat can leave the inside marked with yellow sweat stains and accompanied by a foul, stale smell that continues to linger even after you attempt to wash it. Nip the problem before it starts and preserve hats with NoSweat liners. The thin, breathable liners simply stick to the inside of headwear and instantly absorb sweat to prevent stains, odors, acne and even makeup from rubbing off on the inside of the hat. NoSweat liners are made to fit any style hat or visor.

World Champion Brand Ambassadors

Top athletes trust NoSweat to maintain peak performance all game long.


TJ Oshie


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