Snow Xue Gao NYFW SS2018 photos by Zheng Zhao

September 8th, 2017:

For her first solo show during New York Fashion Week, New York based RTW Designer Snow Xue Gao presented a Spring 2018 collection that emphasizes tradition through a modern lens.

Utilizing her Beijing upbringing, Gao references the world-renowned Beijing Opera through use of color and printed silks, but sites her creative New York surroundings for a modern approach to design.

The collection was presented in a quintessential downtown art gallery highlighting her set design collaborations with artists Sun Yue and Shunran Xue.

Together they created three installations of metaphoric representations of space, time and objects and their mutual affection.

Snow Xue Gao’s balance of fluidity and tailoring breaks away from conventional definitions of masculine and feminine through an exploration of exaggerated proportions, asymmetrical finishes and contrasting textures.

The brand’s signature tailoring continues to evolve while deconstructed elements shift to include more draping, knotting and bias-cut details; achieving a more flowing effect.

Gao further blends gender lines with her street casting, which sparked a first-time decision to include male models.

This creative provocation lends hand to the Beijing Opera inspiration, where men often play leading female roles.


Art installation: Sun Yue, Shunran Xue

Stylist: Rachael Wang

Make Up: Alison Smith

Hair: Ken See

Accessory: Teng Teng

Photography: EI Studio

Boots: Lucchese

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