SOUCY Fall 2024 Collection Photography by @maloshábitos

SOUCY | “Anthophilia”

SOUCY 2024 Bridal Inspiration 

“Influenced by my mother’s lifelong love of flowers, Anthophilia is a tribute to my life with her and the beauty she creates through nature and the language of flowers. Pure in form and sophisticated in volume, Anthophilia echoes my deep respect for workmanship and the richness of hand-executed painting, embroidery, and draping techniques. Intricate details and combined with the richest materials, from chiffon to crepe, tulle overlays, lace, and silk faille. The softness, delicacy, and transitory nature of blooms rendered in shades of pale rose, lilac, and hints of fresh lime green. Lungs of my homeland, Caracas, this special campaign explores the beauty of flowers through a collection that is artfully poetic, timelessly elegant, and forever modern.” -Mariela Torres Soucy


SOUCY, named after its visionary founder, Mariela Torres Soucy, in 2000, is a Bespoke Atelier deeply rooted in a heritage of glamour and unwavering commitment to the celebration and preservation of true couture artistry. Located in the heart of New York City, this exclusive by-appointment-only atelier embodies Mariela’s distinctive vision, which is firmly anchored in the core values of design, bespoke craftsmanship, and meticulous construction. 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Mariela Torres Soucy’s journey from her home in South America to the bustling fashion capital of the world allows her to seamlessly blend her vibrant heritage with a rich legacy of style and innate sophistication. The fusion of cultures has enabled Mariela to cultivate a unique and contemporary approach to couture design. 

Step into the world of SOUCY, where dreams are woven into reality, and where each creation is a testament to the artistry and passion that defines Mariela Torres Soucy’s remarkable journey in the world of fashion.


Directed by @studiofuturony

Photography by @maloshábitos

Styled by @samuh

Make Up & Hair by @wilannymeza_MUA

Model: Jimena Torres @chimitorres

Model: Ruth Serrano @rutmarmariangela

Model: Daniely Figueroa @mujerchueca

Model: Verónica Fernandes @verofernandesf

Public Relations: ODA @odap


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