Interested in arts and design since childhood, Büyükkoyuncu graduated from the painting department of fine arts high school.

Following that, she studied fashion design in Italy.
She always dreamed of creating her own brand.

She completed her master’s degree at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, considered as one of Italy’s most prestigious schools.

After five years of education, she gained experience by working for major brands both in Italy and Turkey.

She established her brand from the inspiration she has in her own ‘Soul Spiritz’.

Alara continues her professional life in Italy and Turkey.

Soul Spiritz is a design brand that opposes the concept that ” women can only look beautiful with her feminine traits”. Its mission, setting its course off from the masculine trends, is to reflect the woman’s self-confident and strong side, the free spirit. It takes its inspiration from the characters of different women.

The collection which makes references to timeless pieces with monochromatic colors is almost the reflection of the spiritual thinking and adopts triangular prism details.

Adapting geometric and architectural silhouettes to fashion, Soul Spiritz gives women who prefer to be different the opportunity to feel privileged in what they wear.

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