Soway Paris 2019

To meet the growing demand for very high sun protection, Marie-Claire Castagné has decided to specialize in ANTI-UV and ANTI-INFRARED caps.

It all started in 2010 when, after several trips to Asia, she noticed that many women, all very elegant, wear caps with wide visors, to better protect themselves from the sun. She decided to import this form of cap in France and created the Soway brand.

The company is based in his city, La Baule, in Loire-Atlantique. She now has a branch in Paris, in the 18th arrondissement.

Through meetings with dermatologists and other skin specialists, Marie-Claire realizes that something is missing in the sun protection market: a featherweight hat, which is very high sun protection and would stay cool under the sun.

We all know that hats protect from the sun but they do not all protect in the same way, like sun creams, which do not all have the same protection factor.

The goal of Marie-Claire, surrounded by her husband, then her daughter, was to create the hat, the most protective.

However, a protective hat often rhymes with a hat that keeps warm and that is removed because it is heavy (because of the very tight weaving necessary to obtain this high protection).

The winning trilogy, “Protection, Lightness and Comfort” was therefore the main thread of the years of Research and Development conducted by the company.

Today, this goal is achieved and the technical development of Soway hats is patented. Indeed, Its high sun protection performance and the comfort of its hats have allowed the Soway brand to be a Partner of the Dermatology Congresses since 2014.

Even if these technical hats meet all the criteria of the very high sun protection, they will not be so far as “sick” hats. Indeed, the brand wanted to combine elegance with Health: Soway is worn by Angelina Jolie, Princess Charlene of Monaco, and many others …



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