Strands by Lauren Dreier

Strands by Lauren Dreier Presentation at New York Fashion Week
Interdisciplinary designer and visual artist Lauren Dreier, kicked off New York Fashion Week SS’19 on Thursday evening, February 6th, with a collaborative exhibition of art, fashion, and design, featuring In seconds, then beats: for string quartet.
The event, held from 1-9pm, with the main performance at 7pm, was sponsored by 3dMonstr and BuildPl8, Falke, and Sourland Spirits.
Stripes, Strands, & Strings showcased eight original designs by Dreier, made from both traditional and non-traditional materials:
Strands – Organza and leather on maple and leather harness
Dress 2 – PET film and leather
Dress 3 – Braided mylar and organza on maple and leather harness
Thou shalt not spline – PTFE film, leather and acrylic
Dress 5 – White oak veneer and leather
Interpolate this – Leather and PET film
Look 7 – Stone veneer and leather
Pant – Organza, PET film and leather

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