Summer Reading: Tale Of Fame, Heartache And Resilience

Masks Shares Compelling Tale Of Fame, Heartache And Resilience

New York, NY, June 28, 2018

Anna lives in a world where a girl is worth only as much as her virginity; where women do not dare ask for divorce, and where social, religious and sexual taboos force women to bury their strength and passion.

As an Armenian girl growing up in Lebanon, Anna had suffered unspeakable hardships, including rape, with the country’s civil war a constant backdrop.

Against all odds, she fiercely works her way into a successful television career as an adult, but her fame and loveless marriage only serve to bind her ever tighter to society’s expectations.

She combats her husband’s infidelities with her own steady stream of lovers, but each encounter only underscores the emptiness in her heart until the unexpected happens: a passion-filled night with a handsome Canadian awakens untested emotions inside her.

Suddenly, she’s ready to risk everything she’s ever known for a stranger who lives oceans away.

Will Anna find the freedom and true happiness that she so desperately seeks, or will Middle Eastern society’s unrelenting grip prove too powerful?

Masks, the debut novel from Nataly Restokian, takes readers on a journey through Anna’s persistent struggle to find true, authentic happiness in an environment that marginalizes women. Inspired by the author’s personal experiences as a television personality in the Middle East, Masks reveals through Anna the uncensored reality of the way women are treated in the Arab world and the hidden traps found within the glamorous circles of fame and fortune.

Author Nataly Restokian is the granddaughter of Armenian genocide survivors. Born and raised in Lebanon, Restokian spent nearly two decades as a television journalist, actress, talk show host and radio host in the Lebanese and Arabic societies.

She also worked as a marketing manager for three different economic and industrial magazines in Lebanon.

She rose through the ranks before giving it all up for a chance at happiness and true love.

Today, Restokian is married and living in Montreal. She is working on her second novel.

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Released: March 2018
ISBN-10: 1773708090
ISBN-13: 978-1773708096
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