Susan Sarandon, AnnaLynne McCord and Somaly Mam attend the Together1Heart Gala at TAO Downtown photos by Cheryl Gorski

CEO Ez De La Rosa of Jez Magazine & Artist Yuliya Dan created Art for Heart Project spreading awareness to end human trafficking for Together1Heart Foundation.
Celebrity guests included President Anna Lynne McCord, Vice President Somaly Mam and Honoree Susan Sarandon attended the gala at TAO NYC.

Slavery is a global issue, and not simply because there are physically enslaved individuals in every country of our world. Seven billion people are touched by slavery, be it with chains, rigid belief systems, cultural customs or simply the repetition of negative aspects of history. We stand together fighting slavery from within our very homes to protect those victimized in brothels, by forced labor and by human-trafficking the world over.


At the core of every issue lies its epicenter… Southeast-Asia holds the highest number of children sold in sexual slavery per capita. Our team fighting this issue in Cambodia has created a mold that we hope to share. By nurturing and supporting their fight, which has proven effective, we are not only healing girls and giving them their lives back, but our team is creating a global display showcasing the steps required to not just survive, but to thrive. We’re creating future world-changers, one child at a time.

Together One  Heart

Together1Heart is a Cambodian charity organisation that works to care for and secure the rights of young women and girls who are victims or at risk of being victims of slavery and to successfully recover, educate, train and reintegrate them into mainstream society through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner.

Yuliya Dan teamed up with

Together1Heart foundation and an actress and an activist AnnaLynne McCord, to create this “ART FOR HEART” project.

a world where women and girls are safe from slavery




“Through a series of beautiful images, art prints, paintings and “wear art” pendants, I hope to create an Art for Heart campaign that will bring funds, awareness and  support of T1H foundation.

I believe that women and girls cannot and must not be traded and treated as if they were objects. Liberty   should not be a privilege, but a basic human right“.

All the profit  from sales will go to Together One Heart Foundation


Inspired by the Cambodian flora and fauna, I created handmade solid sterling silver pendants exclusively for T1H. Limited edition, each with its own number, unique pieces to wear are a great way to show support and spread the message.



Seeing a photo of a little girl with the title, “Raised in the brothel”, took me out of my state of denial.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been silently observing what Somaly, AnnaLynne McCord and the organisation have been doing for the girls. They are creating future world-changers, one child at a time, no less. Behind the bold statement lies a great mission, which comes with the darkest reality slap: Southeast-Asia holds the highest number of children sold in sexual slavery per capita. It’s thousands of young girls being sexually abused in the most unimaginable ways. The horror of the truth for me was just too heavy to bear. Year after year I thought, I would love to help, but I just don’t have it in me.

Supporting this cause, for me, is not about being a good person, It’s about not being scared anymore. Being able to face the reality, no matter how shocking and unpleasant it is… and finding the right way to help.

I hope the truth behind this “art for heart” project will speak to others, the way that one photograph spoke to me, and make people realise that, just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t not exist. But most importantly, EVERYONE MATTERS. Each person can bring a change in little lives, even if they are across the globe, just with one click at a time.

The painting of the real girl, who has a name, and her own story. The girl that inspired me to create something beautiful out of the darkest primal fear. To see the light in her eyes, and to believe “she can, and she will” grow up into a great woman; be happy; be healthy; be who ever she wants to be.

She is just one of many. The GIRL. Unique as she is, she has many “sisters” with the same story and history of sexual abuse, violence and, luckily, in her case, an escape.

She is THE GIRL with a success story, hopefully a future and a life filled with healing and love. I want this GIRL to be the face of a change for better, a face of hope, an inspiration not just for the girls who have been “mistreated” but also those who hide the truth from themselves about brutality of so many places in the world, where girls and women are treated like objects, things for sale.

Limited edition prints are available.

All the profit will go to Together1Heart foundation.






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