Earth day is just around and we have two sustainable fashion brands for you to shop! Saaksha + Kinni and Valentina Rangoni are two designers that leverage sustainability and ethical practices throughout their supply chain to create a better future for the fashion industry!

Saaksha + Kinni is a slow fashion label founded 4 years ago that designs timeless, long-lasting, impactful pieces through classic silhouettes and signature motifs. The brand doesn’t necessarily create on a typical season-to-season basis, instead, they rely on constructing impactful designs that are ‘season-fluid’. With this philosophy in mind, the brand pushes the timelessness, quality, and wearability of each item.

They incorporate digital printing into each collection using less energy, producing less waste, and having a smaller carbon footprint overall. They are also known for their use of patchwork merging creativity with eco-friendly textiles to reduce fabric waste. Saaksha and Kinni leverage ethical practices and sustainability by keeping in mind social responsibility to create ethically made and environmentally conscious pieces throughout each collection.

Saaksha + Kinni


You will quite literally be leaving behind a better ecological footprint when you are walking in Valentina Rangoni shoes. As young designers, Valentina and Carolina Rangoni care very deeply for mother earth and work to produce shoes in an environmentally friendly fashion. They produce internally with a very small and artisanal production; this way they can control material usage, trace each step of production, and be sure of having a fair trade and production.

The label reduces waste by preserving any excess fabric or leather for future usage or smaller productions. They also ensure that none of their unsold shoes are thrown away but instead given to outlets or donated to the less fortunate. Valentino Rangoni incorporates only Italian leathers from the Tuscan leather district. This way they provide the best quality, sustainable, and environmentally compliant leathers. Since everything is sourced close to the factory this reduces emissions, working on almost KM0. Valentina Rangoni continues to leverage their sustainable and ethical practices by constantly working towards and researching new eco-friendly initiatives.


IG: @valentinarangoni


Available to shop at Nordstroms and Zappos


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