T-Bo Underwear- New Undies for National UnderwearDay

T-Bô was founded in 2017 by Roy Bernheim and Allan Perrottet in Switzerland with a commitment to create men’s bodywear that is sustainable without compromising comfort, style, and function.

In order to create the best fitting underwear, T-Bô brought together a community of men from around the world to collaboratively create a new underwear experience.

T-Bô’s co-creative approach is the first time an underwear brand has brought to market a truly collaborative product and is the reason for all of the breakthrough innovations found in T-Bô’s underwear.

T-Bô offers their full range of products including “The Must Have” developed for everyday wear,  “The Ballsy”, specially developed for active use and “The Comfy AF”, developed to feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.  Each style is offered in a boxer brief and brief.

T-Bô also created “The Must Have” undershirt which features a U-neck that makes it perfect to wear under button-up shirts.

T-Bô bodywear is made from water-saving, eco-friendly bamboo fibers to create a breathable, moisture absorbing and super soft product.
  Prices range from $25 to $40 and are available through their website,  tbo.clothing.


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