Taj By Sabrina Is Every Gal’s Dream Wardrobe

Leading Luxury Resort And Beachwear Designer, Sabrina Crippa, Will Make You Feel Like You Are In A Tropical Oasis With Her Signature Line!
Miami, FL- St. Barts, the Greek Isles, St. Tropez and the Italian Riviera are just a few of the luxurious destinations that inspired Sabrina Crippa’s signature line, TAJ By Sabrina.
Launched in 2006, Taj By Sabrina was created to fulfill the need for a high-end resort wear company in Miami Beach.
Sabrina, originally from Milan, Italy, was initially drawn to the ancestral techniques of embroidery, handmade embellishments and silk printing.
Replicating the sophistication and elegance of these Eastern arts, along with designs rooted in traditional Indian authenticity, she has created a distinct style appreciated by her loyal clients around the world.

Sabrina’s stunning and meticulous compositions fuse together delicate jewel patterns and unexpected color combinations, complimentary to her clients across the globe.

For over a decade, TAJ By Sabrina has combined bright and soft fabrics with ultra-luxurious detailed embellishments, styling clients in an effortlessly bohemian elegance.

Shortly after opening her flagship boutique in Miami Beach, Sabrina found herself being among the leading luxury resort and beachwear designers.

Thus, leading her to open boutiques in St. Barts and Knokke, Belgium.

 TAJ by Sabrina has become an essential staple for the chic bohemian lifestyle sought after by celebrities and a devoted client base.

From tunics and shorts to accessories and shoes, TAJ By Sabrina is creating looks that are worthy of any luxurious destination, your look won’t break the bank either!

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The brand is also distributed to high-end boutiques worldwide, including shops in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and other glamorous cities around the globe.


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