Take Home Final : Last Drop and Challenge of the 420 Month


LAST DROP OF 0420: Honor Roller Edition
Burnt Out after 420?
It’s not over yet. We still have 4 more days
of April 2020. It won’t come again so we prepared
a one last hurrah for the true jokers, tokers, midnight smokers.
2 New items drop now, Smoking Chills Hoodie & GPA 4.20 Hoodie,
and we also prepared the hardest challenge yet,
calling all the true honor rollers to action.
So Here is the Final Challenge for 0420 Month: 
In order to qualify, you must, 
1. Solve the questions below and post the answer to your instastory. 
2. Tag @sundae.school on your instastory and also challenge as many (at least 4.2) mathelete friends to participate. 
3. Comment on our post with 🎓emoji, and tag your mathelete friends who are participating in the challenge with you. Get them to like and reply back to your comments. The bigger your mathelete squad, the more likely you and your friends will win 🙂
We will choose one group of friends to send over an honor roller package to, which will include a GPA 4.20 Hoodie and some grails we’re dropping next week. So… get set, and timer starts now.


*Minimum GPA required for matriculation is 4.20





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