TARA BABYLON FW2024 Photos by Dana Trippe

Fall/Winter 2024 Collection
New York Fashion Week

For her Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, Tara Babylon is drawing inspiration from the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, reimagined through a lens of elegant decay.

This intriguing collection seamlessly marries floral motifs with sophisticated textile craftsmanship, featuring an array of weaving techniques and intricate prints that bring to life a tapestry of bygone splendor.

Through her avant-garde approach to fabric innovation and artistic expression, Tara Babylon invites us to explore her distinctive winter vision. Here, a palette dominated by deep, moody blues and stark, contrasting dark tones crafts a narrative of a fantastical yet versatile winter wardrobe. Each garment in the collection stands as a testament to Tara’s dedication to challenging the limits of style and sustainability.

The collection stands out as a playful yet luxurious interpretation of winter wear. It strikes a balance between comfort and sophisticated elegance, offering an array of wearable and modular designs that are as practical as they are ingenious. Enriched with Tara Babylon’s signature sustainable textures, these garments are not just clothing; they are wearable art in a collection where ancient grandeur meets modern sustainability, all within the visionary winter landscape crafted by Tara Babylon.


Fashion: Tara Babylon @tarababylon
Photography: Dana Trippe @trippydana
Styling Director: Marta Del Rio @marta.del.rio
Art Director: Paolo Fanoli @paolofanoli
Video Director: Anna Panova @six.pianos
Video Editor: Oleg Vasilev @oleg__vasilev
Hair: Cutler Salon @cutlersalon, Loura Carly @loura.carlyy
MUA: NY Makeup Academy @newyorkmakeupacademy, Mai Mor @mai.mor Model APM: Emme @apmmodels @hannanicolerc_
Model WILHELMINA: Hanna @wilhelminamodels @emmemetry
Publicist: REP Agency @repnyc
Photo Assistants: Nico @nico.daniels, Garrison @garrisonherbst
Styling Assistant: Lily Feitelberg Fashion Assistants: Mathew & Yifei


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