Tatras Men FW 2020

This is how the four worlds of Tatras came about: taking inspiration from the urban and cosmopolitan lives of those who think of themselves as citizens of the world and seek adventure with spirit.
The first package is dedicated to the younger group and features on-trend oversized bomber jackets and bicolour parkas in bright shades made of nylon vinyl. Designed to be used in the city for daily activities and evening parties, as well as in the most fashionable mountain destinations, thanks to the technical performance and an ultra-contemporary aesthetic that lends unique style even on skis.

The logo theme is also new for the brand. It is characterised by the brightly coloured models and trendy volumes including maxi bomber jackets and long pieces such as the dressing gown embroidered on the bottom with the three crosses of the Tatras logo, a reinterpretation of the classic down jacket, designed for an iconic woman with great personality.

For men, the logo theme has a military street flavour and, with the fabrics used, is designed to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions. Dedicated to travellers, the timeless Tatras 100 grams is available in a wide range of colours and folds into a special pocket. It is the essential go-anywhere piece of the modern and dynamic traveller.
  Finally, the most elegant and classic part that has always distinguished Tatras becomes even more sophisticated this season.
The urban man and woman with careers and social lives who can rely on the comfort of garments studied in every detail, coats and raincoats in down-filled wool with classic references and enveloping volumes.



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