TAYLOR SWIFT wearing OTT Dubai

okyo, JAPAN

Taylor Swift  wearing OTT Dubai Jumpsuit 

Taylor Swift was spotted wearing OTT Dubai Jumpsuit
during her performance at the morning show in Japa

ABOUT OTT:  OTT Launched with a bang in summer 2005 when two ‘hyper charged’ best friends began collaborating and design T-SHIRTS as a hobby in Starbucks. Through their nomadic childhood between the Gulf and Europe and their blend of Eastern heritage with personal eccentric expression, a passion to create clothes defined by sophisticated luxury resulted.

The OTT collections are exquisite lines of retro inspired, cutting-edge fashion, featuring sumptuous material and the finest handwork. An electric mix of styles combining timeless vintage Eastern glam with a twist of quirky girlishness adds diversity and originality.

“From the very beginning, we have focused on translating digital print onto unexpected fabrics. OTT will always celebrate print, color and vibrancy. We hope we can continue to showcase beautiful prints and fresh, unprecedented ways to use them. We want to give women unpredictable clothing that they are passionate about. By providing a unique and fun vision, we want our brand to be a world that women desire to experience. This is the exciting part for OTT.



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