The Engine Songs: the V10 unleashes a crescendo similar to a female voice

Singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald talks about the sound and sensations of driving the Huracán Tecnica

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 24 November 2022 – The Selvans green of the Huracán Tecnica[1] and the dark, dense green of the rain of the Scottish countryside is accompanied by the incomparable sound of the Lamborghini V10 engine, driven by Amy Macdonald, the singer-songwriter who has sold 12 million copies around the world.

She talks about the sensations and musicality of driving the ten-cylinder super sports car, with its rising engine pitch echoing the notes and consistency of a female voice and her silken Scottish accent, and which at top speed challenges her in the contralto shades her voice expresses.

“What surprises me most about my vocality is the power it has gained over the years,” said the artist in a recording studio on the outskirts of Glasgow. “The more I sing, the stronger it becomes. In this sense, it can be compared to what happens to a car as you gradually press down the accelerator.”

In the exclusive clip, Macdonald’s hand plays the guitar with the same decisive sensuality with which the gears of the Huracán are downshifted as it launches into the twilight of the British landscape. The stars tattooed on her wrists and the parallel emotions that music and driving generate, seem to hover in the passenger compartment. “I spend a lot of time in the studio creating demos and always searching for the perfect balance, and the car is the place I most like to listen to myself again and grasp the point my work has reached. As a car buff though, I also love to lower the volume to zero and totally immerse myself in my psyche, accompanied only by the sound of the engine.”

“The sound of the Huracán is exhilarating and makes me feel powerful. And there is a clear similarity between driving while enjoying the music and being on stage giving my all with my voice. I feel the same power on stage that I perceive when I drive.”

“It is an engine boasting an aggressive vocality,” explained Mauro Mautone, Lamborghini NVH whole vehicle coordinator who, together with producer and sound engineer Alex Trecarichi, created The Engine Songs playlist. The soundtracks, available on Spotify, are specially curated to reflect the tonality and vibrations associated with the sound frequencies emitted by the Lamborghini V8, V10, and V12 engines.

“The engine sound is an essential attribute for Lamborghini fans and, in the V10, the distinguishing shrillness is expressed in the most complete manner. There is a rawness and high volume, precisely like only a female voice can deliver,” Mautone concluded.

Presented last April, Huracán Tecnica is the latest-generation rear-wheel drive V10-engined Lamborghini, developed for those who are looking for lifestyle perfection and driving fun, both on the road and on the track. The name Tecnica embodies the evolution of the advanced technical efficiency of the Huracán family, with an improved 0 to 100 km/h acceleration of 3.2 seconds. It is fitted with a 5.2-liter engine that delivers a power of 640 CV, just like its stablemate Huracán STO[2], with an exhilarating 565 Nm torque at 6,500 while still comfortable in daily driving.

Click here to listen to the playlist The Engine Songs: V10.

[1] Fuel consumption and emission values of Huracán Tecnica; Fuel consumption combined: 14,5 l/100km (WLTP); CO2-emissions combined: 328 g/km (WLTP)

[2] Fuel consumption and emission values of Huracán STO; Fuel consumption combined: 13.9 l/100km (WLTP); CO2-emissions combined: 331 g/km (WLTP)


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