The Healing Power of Champagne in Los Angeles

A French entrepreneur heals LA women with Champagne in Venice

Claire Vidal, a French native from Bordeaux, followed her dream to live in the US and moved to Los Angeles in 2015. A successful executive, MBA graduate and award-winning entrepreneur, Vidal has been since then hosting secret and exclusive events at her home on the Venice Canals called “The Healing Power of Champagne”.

“I wanted to create a safe place where women could talk about anything freely, exchange and support each other, without ever feeling judged. During these monthly events, I gather women to talk about feminine power, body image, relationships, love…etc…and we heal each other…. one glass of Champagne at a time.” Says Claire.

Now in her third year, and faced with increasing participation, she is launching a Retreat program that will take women around the world, in the most renowned wine regions of the world. Starting with Bordeaux next September (where Claire is originally from), the women-only events combine spiritual growth, transformational coaching, with fun bonding, wine tasting, visits…and free-flowing Champagne.



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