The Magical Chef’s Fedora

The Magical Chef’s Fedora.
 The Magical Chef’s Fedora is a fun, exciting children’s book that tells the story of little Kalena’s love for cooking and her admiration for a local Chef named Chef Darian who wears a strange hat.
She will cross paths with him on her birthday.
Kalena mistakenly took the chef’s hat home and it led her into a magical adventure.
This story is an exciting adventure of following your passion and being kind and empathetic.

The Magical Chef’s Fedora is funny and clever; a book for the whole family to enjoy.


Jamaican-born and raised on the south side of the island, Bratt Hill district Salt River; Sherece Lewis is the 4th of her mother’s 6 children. From an early age, she enjoyed using her imagination to create and escape whenever she did not fit in. Sherece moved from Jamaica to the United States where she lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Brooklyn, New York, and now Buffalo New York.
 She attended Buffalo State College (University) where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at Canisius University. She currently is employed by the New York State Office of
People with Developmental Disabilities. When she is not doing her “day Job”
Sherece’s passion is serving others; Sherece has been serving alongside her brother Chef Darian at Bratts Hill by Chef Darian and The Plating Society. Sherece has many titles in her life: Mother, Wife, Sister, Classroom Parent, QIDP, Sunday School Teacher, Server, Hostess, and Author. Her mission is to make every child feel seen and represented.
She currently resides in the Buffalo area with her husband and five children.


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