The Mighty Company x Ilaria Urbinati Collaborate on “The Breakup Collection”

The Mighty Company x Ilaria Urbinati Collaborate on “The Breakup Collection”
LOS ANGELES, CA – December 4, 2018 – Luxury jacket brand, The Mighty Company, teamed up with celebrity stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, on a capsule collection with 100% of the
profits benefiting Unchained At Last. Lili Reinhart is the face of the campaign.
Inspired by a break-up, Urbinati and The Mighty Company‘s Jessie Willner worked closely together to create a collection that drew inspiration from the galaxy, owed to the classic parting phrase: “I need space.”
The duo translated that concept into a three-piece capsule entitled, “The Breakup Collection.” Filled with planetary and celestial hand-cut elements atop a spectrum of specialty metallic and patent leathers, finished with light-hearted phrases for both the self-admittedly vulnerable (“Lost”) and the defiant (“Miss Galaxy”). Within 3 jackets, the collection communicates the pair’s proclivity to a brand of slight irony reserved for the woman in control of her own cosmic fate.
What started out as a passion project between longtime friends quickly transformed into a bigger mission. Realizing their own good fortune in having a support system to lean on, they decided to make it about women who don’t. They partnered with Unchained At Last, a nonprofit dedicated to stopping forced and child marriages and helping survivors rebuild their lives. With 100% of the proceeds from “The Breakup Collection” donated to Unchained At Last,The Mighty Company and Ilaria hope to offer women the support they need to rise above their given circumstances.
Per Willner: “We can pick lust over love, or love over suitability, or designate what our ‘type’ is, or be very decidedly single. We’re seeking with this project to give back to the women it touches one thing we so easily take for granted: Choice.”
Urbinati adds: “We realize we are very lucky to have grown up under circumstances wherein we get to make our own choices in our lives: to go after our dreams and the careers we choose, to marry or break up with the partners we choose, to make the decisions we ourselves select. So we wanted to help support and empower girls and women who don’t have that simple privilege.”

Lili Reinhart, a friend of the brand, heard the cause and agreed to shoot the campaign in a heartbeat. Photographed by Willner in the company’s LA studio, converted to become a land of monochrome color and structured aluminum foil. Willner stated: “The campaign was space cowgirl themed as a tongue-in-cheek embodiment of a wild, independent woman in a galactic setting. Ilaria pulled up the September 1995 Rolling Stone cover of Alicia Silverstone and we had to shoot a nod to it. Lili was the perfect front-woman of this because she’s this incredibly outspoken champion of women. She’s not following some set of antiquated rules that accompanies overnight success. She’s straightforward about what she believes and speaks out when she sees something wrong, demonstrating to a huge audience of young women that it’s okay to be unapologetically yourself.”

With a desire to combine the timeless and the unique, The Mighty Companywas created to redefine the classic jacket silhouettes in luxury materials. Launched in April 2016, the LA-based company skyrocketed to cult status when Gigi Hadid wore a custom leather jacket. Similarly, Ilaria Urbinati became known for putting a modern twist on the classic suit. Now one of Hollywood’s top stylists, her roster includes stars like Donald Glover, Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, Armie Hammer, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and John Krasinkski.
The collection is available for purchase today, December 4th  exclusively Jackets are $995 apiece. 100% of the profits benefit Unchained At Last.



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