The Most Irredeemable Disney Villains & Their Crimes

Cruella, starring Emma Stone as the eccentric fur-loving villain, doesn’t hit theaters until May 28th. But the upcoming film has already caused backlash, even before its release.

The new trailer appears to deviate from the classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians story in favor of a villain origin story. It also looks to humanize the traditionally evil character, giving her a motive for her obsession of dog furs. That choice has outraged some fans and critics, as they believe giving Cruella a redemption arch could normalize animal cruelty.

The controversy surrounding Cruella got us thinking about the other Disney Villains least deserving of the “origin treatment” in future films. Read our full list of Disney Villains and Their Crimes to learn more. You’re welcome to use this infographic in any of your upcoming articles about Disney or Cruella.


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