The new norms within the Beauty industry

At a time when the industry is redefining its approach and its archetypes of beauty, the pandemic and confinement are emerging, which obviously transforms the perception of beauty and the consumption habits of the population.

It is clear that the future of beauty is in a period of transition and that you have to know how to interpret it to take advantage of it.

Alexandre Deslauriers, a well-known editorial makeup artist in Toronto’s artistic community, received the prestigious award in the Artistry category at the first live and online edition of the ABA’s (Allied Beauty Association) Beauty under 40, a gala that aims to recognize and encourage the upcoming generation’s leaders and creators in the Canadian beauty industry. A reward that salutes the talent of this beauty artist who has been traveling the world with his art for the past ten years, landing him in Milan, for the world-famous Fashion Week and in Florence for the prestigious GUCCI fashion show.



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