The Perfect Fall WFH, or Rotational Schedule, Wardrobe from NICESTUFF Clothing

As people are continuing to work from home and others returning to the office, I wanted to send over information about NICESTUFF Clothing that provides comfort and professionalism all in one.

The collection looks professional in appearance, but the knitted fabric on the shirting and suiting make you feel like you are wearing a sweatshirt.

It’s the perfect comfortable outfit while video conferencing with your colleagues and business calls.

These items are perfect staples for any guy’s fall wardrobe!

Founded in 2019, NICESTUFF Clothing is a menswear lifestyle brand that combines the comfort of knitted sweatpants and t-shirts into structured professional silhouettes such as suiting and shirting that are appropriate for the workplace.

Designed in New York by a team with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, the capsule collection features short sleeve and long sleeve shirts and suiting all made with the brand’s signature melange knit fabric.

The short sleeve shirts retail for $115; long sleeve shirts retail for $125; suit jackets retail for $345; and, suiting trouser retails for $145.

A percentage of each sale is donated to the Windward School, which works with students with dyslexia.

The collection is available for purchase on their own e-commerce,


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