The Tanner Fletcher “Weddings” Collection

“Weddings” by Tanner Fletcher

Tanner Fletcher approached the design of the debut wedding offering a few problems they felt needed to be solved. It’s called bridal fashion week, but what about the groom?

What about queer celebrants?

Marriage and getting married is an intimate occasion and can mean many different things depending on the people involved. The concept certainly isn’t one note, so why does shopping for wedding looks seem to be?

Tanner Fletcher’s mission is to create new traditions and prove that love should be celebrated in all of its many forms.

The inspiration for this collection comes from romance and the delicate nature of love. There’s something about wedding day details, traditions, and ceremonies that are special and unique only to the individuals getting hitched.

Relate the delights of a wedding day to the fine lace trims, dainty silk charmeuse, ruffles, feathers, bows, and tuxedo stripes in the collection.

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