Thierry Vidé from a piece of art to exceptional design

A 50 years old History and a family transmission   

 Thierry Vidé’s history starts with passion for research, love for material and curiosity for the Universe in which we live.
Passionate about transparency and equilibrium, nearly 20 years have been necessary for him to choose the perforated metal, a material that became the signature of Thierry Vide spirit.
Today and for the last 50 years, the steps have followed one another to arrive at the high-end design developed by his sons Jean-Sébastien and Félicien. 
 Several ephemeral, large-scale projects such as at “La Defense” near Paris, as well as exhibition projects at “la Villette” or “the City of Science and Industry” are at the origin of our work. Other abstract compositions for industrialists like Bendix or General Motors have supported the evolution of this work from down-to-earth reality to making people dream.

The evolution towards unique pieces has resulted in the monumentale sculpture present today in several countries – Envol (Adano, Japan), The Place d’Italie (Paris, France), Alcatel Head Office (Champs Elysees, France), Headquarters of Blue Star (Brussels, Belgium), Renaissance Square (Bois Colombes, France).
Then Thierry Vidé and his son Jean Sébastien pushed back the limits of forms and matter by innovating shapes with new curves, always ahead of our time, which led to  the invention of the HOLOTRAMIE – Decomposition of light through matter.

The design is a natural extension making the link between unique pieces and small series to uncover the value of their work to a greater number.
Thierry Vide transmitted his passion for creation, light and matter, to his sons Jean sébastien & Félicien. They now lead the company and create together new light sculptures in the respect of this spirit of freedom and transparency.


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