This Hair Accessory Gives You the Perfect ‘90s Throwback!

The ‘90s had some of the most iconic hair trends–from bleach, to butterfly clips, and everything in between, it’s no wonder our drawers were full of miscellaneous hair accessories.

It may be 2019, but ‘90s trends are coming back!

Whether you’re wishing for the ‘90s revival or simply want to bring some glam to your hair, Shimmer Stars are the perfect toy that can double as a hair accessory for millennial’s and Gen Z kids to match!

Shimmer Stars from KD Kids are your fabulous furry plush friends who love to make everything shimmer and glitter — including you! Available at Target for under $20, Shimmer Stars stuffed animal (choose from Unicorn, Panda, Cat or Puppy) comes with a magical Shimmer Wand that attaches sparkling shimmer to the plush and to your hair!

Plus, Shimmer Stars include fun wear and share hair accessories such as matching animal ears, scrunchies and bows.

Shimmerizing with the Shimmer Wand is super simple: select a shimmer and place it on the star, use the wand to pick it up, and press the button to turn a boring patch of fur or hair into something shimmerific!

The 200+ shimmers work on all hair types, are reusable, attach easily and comb right out – no glue or mess!

Watch how easy it is to style and shimmer!

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ways Shimmer Stars can add some instant glitz and glam to your locks!

·        Crimp It Out – Put on your most glam outfit and get ready to channel your inner Britney Spears! Use the Shimmer Wand to add colorful Shimmers to your hair that will sparkle in the spotlight.

·        Super Straight  Adding shimmers to your straight hair will instantly add some jazz! Match your eyeshadow to the shimmers in your hair and snap the perfect selfies.

·        Boxy Braids – Turn your boring braids into stylish locks!


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