This is the revo-WOOL-ution in men’s basics

Every man deserves classic, stylish basics for their wardrobe that are durable and built for the busy lives they lead. Introducing the line of merino wool basics for men by SHEER.


Many are familiar with the benefits of merino wool, including its natural odor, stain and wrinkle resistance.
It’s true, your readers could go several days, even weeks, without washing their Oxford shirt or crewneck t-shirt and still feel fresh.
SHEER manufactures using 100% sustainable merino wool and can trace each garment back to the source – this ensures the land and animals used to create each product are cared for SHEER’s line includes a classic Oxford shirt with french cuffs and a slight tailored cut, a modern crew-neck t-shirt and durable boxer briefs.
The shirts are offered in extended sizing – with regular and long trucked versions – so every man can look good and feel good.
After using merino wool for years in the sport and outdoor segments, we really missed out on incorporating it into daily essentials — we decided to do something about that.
After researching the best fabrics last October, we couldn’t find any that met our expectations. So, we developed them ourselves.
We searched for family-owned craftsmen who offered the highest quality in their field. Following our concept of being fair and ecological, these needed to be made in Europe — beginning with the yarn up.
We sourced partners in Germany and Northern Italy, staying close to our operations and using the best knowledge, processes, and experience we could find.

Our yarn for the Oxford shirt was specially developed for us in the wool mecca of Biella, Italy. For the cutting and sewing of the shirt, we found an old, high-end manufacturer who specialized in men’s shirts.

We completed the same steps for our T-shirt Crewneck and Boxer Briefs, which are circular products knitted by top-qualified finishers and manufacturers.

Fast forward to today, and we now have some of the highest-quality and longest-lasting products that are 1. made from merino wool and 2. made by our partners who guarantee fair treatment to workers. Quality, transparency and sustainability are not just buzzwords for us — it’s our deep belief to produce state-of-the-art clothing for an educated generation of customers.



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