TMall China Cool Songta NYFW SS2020 photos by Marisa Pena

SONGTA conceives each collection as an art collection by utilizing curatorial and social engaged art to design clothing.
SONGTA interprets runway, showroom, and e-commerce platform as “Art Museum,” and transforms the brand’s official flagship store as “Solo Show,” and boutique store as “Group Show.”
Luxury and fashion industry have always prone to collaborate with art. They use contemporary art as design elements, fabric exploitation, crossover campaign, and pop-up show.
SONGTA’s fashion theory is to convert contemporary art into fashion through its own ideology and culture confidence, and contemporary artists should convert themselves into fashion designers and luxury brands to truly bring revolutionary influence to the industry.
SONGTA break the stereotype of most independent designers by opening brand official flagship store in the first year. Furthermore, the house established the department of art curate and incorporate fashion with art on body, visual, and space.



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