True Love at Only Hearts

True Love at Only Hearts

Why not, this Valentine’s Day, find true love with a little help from Only Hearts?

Only Hearts—based and manufactured right here in New York City—is Helena Stuart’s baby, her creative outpouring of love and romance. We all need a little boost from time to time and, this Valentine’s Day, share the love with beautiful, high- end, lingerie that is sure to make the day—and night—more satisfying. There’s nothing more romantic than a buttery soft, silky or lacy fabric that conceals just enough (as to leave plenty to the imagination and make it run wild with anticipation).

Stuart coined the fashion term “inner/outer wear” and, while it’s ubiquitous today, was quite innovative at the time.

Instead of fast fashion, she’s interested in what we like to call “slow fashion.”

This means that everything is made sustainably in small batches right here in NYC (one of the many reasons Only Hearts has been a mainstay since 1979; there are two locations in New York and one in LA).
In the late 1970s it wasn’t always fashionable to dress in something comfortable and soft enough for bed but still incredibly sexy and smart enough for outdoors.

The inner/outer wear at Only Hearts is romantic so it works as an entire date outfit and it’s practical, too. The camisoles, bras, bralettes, leggings and chemises are suitable as layering pieces under your most tailored looks. Stuart has always been entranced by pieces that feel good against the skin: “soft, feminine and comfortable” has always been her motto and inspiration.

Sometimes a bit of lace or a barely visible silken applique is all it takes to set one’s imagination ablaze. This art of the tease, of revealing a restrained amount of lingerie as outerwear, is very exciting. A lacy brassiere beneath a button-down or silken chemise as a top with a chic blazer are both very cool examples of mixing your innermost secrets with a tougher, outer layer (hence, inner/outerwear). These carefully designed pieces complete with the sweetest details (a tiny heart here, a little ribbon there) are guaranteed to make any lover ravenous with passion. Remember that half the fun of lingerie is the art of the flirt.


As a child, Stuart spent a lot of time backstage at fashion shows (her mother was a model) and, growing up in Italy at that time, it was actually common to purchase bespoke clothing (this was way before fast fashion).

This has influenced Stuart to this very day: custom made clothing with an impeccable fit has been a driving force for Only Hearts and the brand’s continuous stream of brand new lingerie groups in varying colors
(including eight fun, flirty new hues).

Some of the most popular Only Hearts items are aptly called “Second Skin” and, of course, the yummiest, softest pieces are “Delicious.”

Peel out of your Second Skin slip and feel good enough to eat in a variety of bras, panties, chemises, camisoles and tops.
After all, good fabrics have always been a means of self-expression for Stuart. There’s nothing more economical or convenient than slipping out of your work clothes and going to bed in the same camisole you wore under a blouse all day. Stuart has always been brilliant with design innovation and there are more pieces to choose from than ever.

Now that it’s cold outside (but about to get warmer this Valentine’s Day), try some of the new pieces along with accessories to heat things up. The “Cou Cou” collection is romantic and just a little bit naughty: sheer, gauzy mesh panties and bras paired with matching elbow length fingerless gloves will make you feel classy and desirable.

For something a little more fun and whimsical, try pieces from the “Lucky You” collection; you’ll be charmingly lovely in a cropped cami or vintage-inspired thong emblazoned with hearts, roses, mushrooms and a four-leaf clover. For the most romantic lovers out there, the “Charlotte” collection is just what the doctor ordered. Bras, panties, a pin up body suit, garter belt and pearl thong all fashioned from the same pattern of bright red flowers set against pale pink nylon (with the sweetest ruffled hem) will get anyone in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Stuart is also inspired by real women who are fully engaged in life; her ideal model is anyone who actually wears her clothes!

If you notice: none of the women modeling Only Hearts on social media are retouched. They are natural with freckles, tattoos and piercings. It’s the real deal. This is the face of sexy, confident women for 2023. Stuart’s designs can also be found at Shopbop, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Free People and more).

@onlyhearts1978 is on all platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

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