Ultra-light durable, Incredibly good looking bags, backpacks and urban artrwear.

Ultra-light durable, Incredibly good looking bags, backpacks and urban artrwear.

We’re kind of tired of dealing with complicated stuff.

From Los Angeles to the Middle East, Bags, totes and life have too many divisions, zippers, compartments and pockets in pockets. 

Stiglo bags are made with crafted simplicity, durability, and joy-infused art, inside and out.

The art itself comes from artist collaborations world-wide, bringing celebrated visual artists and young budding talent together All Stiglo bags have been designed with creativity, simplicity, and durability.

Stiglo bags are 3x lighter than traditional backpacks, waterproof, spacious, with perfectly designed leather straps. Inside each bag you will find a Mini Stiglo, ideal for organizing the little things, tuck the pouch into a larger bag, or slip the leather strap over your wrist and carry it as a clutch– from the beach to a night-out, the pouch can add a dash of art to any style.

Every Stiglo features collaborative artwork, handcrafted with love.

Stiglo is 110% funded on Kickstarter. Early birds can save up to 30%.

“To bring artwork back to the streets through products we use in a daily life” – Milos, Creative Director for Stiglo

Double layer of Tyvek for super strong resisting bags!
Water proof
Ultra-Lightweight: 16 oz. (3x lighter than regular backpacks)
Ideal Canvas for Collaborative Art Projects
the double fold at the top prevents even the slightest chance that rain or snow might sneak in.

About Stiglo
Stiglo is a global creative platform where award-winning artists (illustrators, designers, fine artists, photographers, writers…) join forces with emerging talents to create practical products infused with art, inside and out.

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