Unisex Brand Fried Rice

Unisex Clothing Brand, Fried Rice

Founded by Maya Wang, one of downtown Manhattan’s most well-loved urban fashion designers, FRIED RICE is distinguished by its 100% unisex collection, quirky “mashed up” creativity, inventive styling details, and mad obsession with outstanding fabrics.

The brand’s ethos is to celebrate the diversity of artistic and cultural perspectives of life in New York City and around the world. According to designer Maya Wang, “it’s all these simple distinctive elements mixed up in a good way.”

With this uniquely uncommon design and cultural perspective, the brand is now a go-to for creative artists around the world, as well as a fan favorite at culture events like ComplexCon and Afropunk Festival.

Prices start at $38 for t-shirts, $54 for accessories, $118 for woven shirts, $185 for pants, and $285 for outerwear. The items are available on the brand’s own e-commerce site, www.friedrice-nyc.com, and in specialty stores worldwide


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