VERMILLION, my debut collection, is inspired by raw nature and the emotional color of red, my favorite color. In this body of work, I am using traditional jewelry techniques like fusing and granulation, and flameworking, resulting in the creation of a contemporary collection seeping in pearls, rubies, garnets, and glass.

It is also the culmination of 7 years of studying jewelry design and fabrication, and the beginning of my career as an independent designer.

The collection was created over the course of 1 year and 10 months, and completed at the Bijules Incubator between September – November 2018.

Born in Dominican Republic, Angely Martinez is an award winning jewelry designer based in New York City.

Creating works that are big and bold, her work is influenced by the beauties of nature and the world of fantasy with a touch of romanticism.

She draws inspiration from the avant-garde, the Baroque period, theater, dance performances, and films.

Her favorite artists/ designers are Frida Kahlo, Alexander McQueen, Fragonard, and Rembrandt.

Angely is currently a participant of Bijules Incubator, a talent development program by Jules Kim from Bijules, where she built her debut collection VERMILLION.

She recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Jewelry Design Program.

She also holds a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus. After exploring with different mediums while pursuing her Bachelor’s, she found her voice as a jeweler after graduation.


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