Journey to an awe-inspiring retreat in a picturesque Italian coastal town, where siren enchantresses orchestrate a captivating extravaganza as they divulge their treasures in a lively marketplace. Brace yourself to be enthralled by an assemblage that transcends the boundaries of actuality, beckoning you to submerge yourself in a novel cosmos that coexists harmoniously with our own. Unleash your creativity and luxuriate in the sheer ecstasy of an imagination materialized.

The color story is mixes of hues from traditional costal resort pallets such as white, dark navy, denim blue black mixed with tones of the sea such as corals, mints, pale florals, dusty pinks, and roses adorned with barnacles lace as well as coral-like trimmings. Any and all metals are gold with a smattering of pearls cascaded throughout.


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