VICTORIA SCANDALE PARIS photos by Yannis Nivault



The Sun-Eyed Girl
The Victoria Scandale’s woman is timeless with a touch of an edge. With strong values of individualism and independence, she embodies a polished grace. Her life glows with an understated elegance and a playful, feminine allure that is optimistic towards the future, yet holds tight to her core ladylike taste. Ultimately, she possesses a refined palette that is understated and fearless at once. Having her brand launched, Victoria Scandale is an international designer based and producing in France, that utilizes her constant travels as inspiration whilst producing her eponymous collection. Seeking to create luxurious clothing made of the highest quality craftsmanship, the Victoria Scandale brand celebrates the feminine form in a way that transcends the test of time. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for Scandale it comes from within. Devoid of specific “moments,” the highly artistic designer pulls inspiration in a steady flow from her unique and free spirit that is shaped by her constant travels. No stranger to foreign sights, sounds, and textures, Scandale incorporates the senses into her design process each step of the way. Focusing all design around luxury fabrics and materials from the best French and Italian suppliers, the collections embody her free spirit and her keen attention to detail. Each piece is created for the discerning consumer, one that appreciates quality and timeless sensibility, with an ultra-feminine twist.



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