Viktor & Rolf FW2020 photo by IMAXtree



Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture, Autumn/Winter 2020: three wardrobes for three mindsets in extraordinary times of change. Viktor&Rolf subvert the traditional catwalk by showcasing this collection in a special haute couture presentation. The collection consists of three different mini wardrobes, each symbolizing a different state of mind. Each wardrobe has three outfits: a nightgown, a dressing gown and a coat. The first of three outfits that together embody a rather somber mood: a feeling of sadness and anger, familiar to many these days. The second group of outfits signaled the conflicting emotions. The last three ensembles radiate love for Autumn/Winter 2020. Change is necessary. The world around us is changing rapidly. Whether apocalypse or new spiritual era, you will continue to be able to step into the singular universe of spectacular beauty, unexpected elegance and spiritual glamour of Viktor&Rolf.


Finally  2020: melancholy becomes serenity.

Change is necessary.


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