Wear a fashion statement shield by Franklin Tavares

Avant- garde festival wear designer Franklin Tavares turns his talents to designing high fashion protective wear

Protective Hood Shield, which is perfect for daily wear and festivals. 

This innovative high fashion hood protects while keeping you warm.

The hood shield design rests elegantly on your shoulders, equipped with a full panoramic view.

Unzipping the detachable shield transforms the hood into a fashion piece.

This concept design not only prevents you from touching your face, blocking unwanted microbes, it allows effortless breathing compared to wearing masks.

Franklin Tavares is a Brazilian designer working and living in Tel Aviv

“As a designer, I am constantly envisioning the next step to innovate something new, maintaining both esthetics of fashion- comfy.

Before the pandemic my time was designing costumes for theatres, opera houses, dance groups, and for festival lovers, especially for Burning Man.

Currently I had to shift my business to be relevant for this time in history.

Successfully designing masks paved the evolution of the Hood Shield.

This eye-catching design is for a responsible fashion-conscious population that cares for humanity’s safety.”





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