Why you should gift your Mom a Personal Shopper

Hiring a personal stylist gets a bad rep for being “vain” but in reality, it’s no different than hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist, cleaning service or masseuse.
Style is all about self-care.

Sophia Hyacinthe, CEO & Lead Stylist of Immaculate Wardrobe, styles working moms all over New York City and Atlanta.
While some are hesitant at first, Sophia shows just how much owning style can boost your confidence, break you out of your shell and help you feel empowered in all areas of life.
Sophia’s sessions have lasting impact as she helps women know what clothes fit them best, colors to choose from, and how to minimize your closet to solid essentials. 
For Mother’s Day, gifting a personal shopping session is the perfect, out-of-the-box gift to get mom feeling pampered and owning who she is as an individual.
Watch her TV interview with Cheddar:

About Sophia:
Sophia Hyacinthe is both Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Whisperer.
She empowers and beautifies her clients with regards to their everyday style.
She has over 10 years of experience in the retail and personal shopping fields.
Having partnerships with some leading fashion companies, she is able to create highly personalized shopping experiences.

Sophia’s passion for styling started during childhood.

Having been born and raised in New York City, she enrolled at Berkeley College where she excelled and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management.

It was not until her apprenticeship with esteemed celeb stylist June Ambrose that she refined her technique and realized her passion for styling the everyday person.

It is only natural that she would go on to launch her own styling company, Immaculate Wardrobe.
The loyal clientele she has developed over the years regard her highly because of her holistic approach to styling.
Sophia challenges clients to reject any previous self-limiting notions and fully embrace their inner fabulousness.

Her goal is to ensure that clients master their closets and fine tune their personal styles in addition to introducing them to fresh designers and trends.

It is Sophia’s greatest joy to witness her clients’ confidence grow when they ultimately accept their individual styles without self-limitation.

Her free time involves exploring her new neighborhood on the Upper West Side, discovering new and exciting shops and sifting through books at McNally’s bookstore.

She also loves to indulge in an occasional Raspberry flavored French Macaroon but who doesn’t?

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