Wild Rose & Sparrow SS24


Wild Rose & Sparrow returned to Paris Fashion Week to show their SS24 collection, Dark Fairytale. Set in a hidden courtyard full of ivy and chandeliers, this runway welcomed guests inside the romantic, but daring vision of Montreal based designers and family, Ariana & Liana Dancu.


With select items available now online, Dark Fairytale harbors a darker edge to Wild Rose & Sparrow’s soft delicate core representing a thorn on the brand’s wild rose. To set the scene, fashion’s elite were welcomed to a hidden courtyard in the heart of Paris evoking a feeling of stepping into another world. With chandeliers strewn across ivy-covered balustrades and mossy steps winding the way through the Jardin, this collection took guests to a nostalgic mecca of fairy tales forgotten. Ethereal shapes like flitting Sylph wings and chiffon flounces evoked the essence of Grimm fairy tales. This collection’s designs conjured a dangerous beauty: creamy white lace dotted with accessories in tones of candy apple red, soft silhouettes cut from the inkiest midnight black silk, and romantic ruffle lined figure-hugging dresses that look like sea creatures in motion with all the beauty and enchantment of Circe Invidiosa. This capsule began with milky ivories and blush, transformed into sandy peaches and triumphant scarlet reds and then turned to darker shades of raven and black flitting through the hidden courtyard like corseted sirens.


“We wanted this collection to feel like you were entering another world. Even the setting of the show itself, with chandeliers strewn across ivy-covered balustrades-the concept is that we’re watching fairytales come to life: clothed in flounces and silk chiffon ruffles like Sylph wings, and reclaim this château that time forgot.” – Wild Rose & Sparrow Founders, Ariana and Liana Dancu


Each romantic piece is intentionally designed and personal to the small family, women owned brand. Dark Fairytale pays homage to the founders’ European heritage and the influence of art and poetry in their lives. Wild Rose & Sparrow creates a space for unabashed romanticism where women can fearlessly become the main characters of their stories and embrace femininity and all things poetic.

About Wild Rose & Sparrow


The brand’s fairytale started with two girls, one gentle and romantic and the other daring and brave. This inspiration led to the name: Wild Rose & Sparrow. The core identity of Wild Rose & Sparrow is escapism. The brand creates wearable fairy tales, and divinely feminine pieces with unabashed romanticism and a fearless devotion to poetry. As a family brand, the pieces Wild Rose & Sparrow designs are inherently personal and inspired heavily by the founders’ European heritage. Art and culture were always intrinsic to their lives, so it was only natural that elements of their favorite eras like the ethereal sheerness of the Pre-Raphaelite or the decadent flirtiness of rococo would find their way into each design.


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