Winky Lux Red Flower Balm $16

Applies clear, then combines with lips’ natural pH levels to create the perfect uniquely “you” shade of pink every time. It’s the only balm stain to feature a real chrysanthemum inside.

Whipped Cream Primer $19: Whipped until it’s oh-so-silky, our Whipped Cream Primer can be worn alone for a fresh, clean look or under foundation for a flawless hold and weightless feel. Pro tip: Apply in a circular motion with fingertips.

Matcha Balm $14: Made with real green tea powder, food-grade vanilla, and coconut + avocado oils, this lip balm helps to soften, repair and protect with an ultra-refreshing blend. This baby’s ultra-portable, meaning you can get your Matcha fix whenever. Matcha-colored balm goes on clear.

Green Tea Powder – natural caffeine stimulates collagen production for baby soft lips Coconut Oil – a naturally antibacterial emollient that provides a protective moisture barrier while it nourishes Avocado Oil – vitamin-packed, super food with long-lasting power Vitamin C – super-healing ingredient that helps repair dry, chapped lips Food-Grade Vanilla – smells like a snack, no chemical aftertaste


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