Wipe away those tension headaches

Tension Releazzzer (Tension Release, Travel, Relaxation, Stress Reducer) Wipe away those tension headaches brought on by tight muscles during the spring/summer travel!
Tension Releazzzer applies a deep and therapeutic massage on these muscles restoring flow in the surrounding vessels and nerves.
The results are: Amazing! Euphoric! Releasing-Youtube users actual words describing Tension Releazzzer! Developed by a chiropractor, Dr. Brant Stock, Tension Releazzzer replicates a common modality called Sub-Occipital Release Technique (SORT), used around the world by physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors.
It is basically a deep tissue static massage on the muscles at the base of the skull. The therapeutic device has a base with two strategically placed hypo-allergenic knobs that the consumer lays their neck and head on laying down.
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Simple product.
Incredible results.

No need for batteries, chargers, special creams, or help from a loved one. Just lay on it and feel the tension melt away in minutes.

tensionreleazzzer.com Price: $45.00

WARNING: Do not purchase Tension Releazzzer if you do not enjoy or crave deep tissue massage.

It is very aggressive. If you cannot tolerate deep and intense muscles pressure, this is not for you.

It is not designed for neck pain, nor for cluster, sinus, hormonal, or allergy-related headaches.

It is specifically designed and created for stress-related Tension Headaches that arise from tight neck muscles.  

It is not electric and the knobs do not move. It is meant to replicate Sub-Occipital Release Technique (SORT) which is a static therapy.

Dr. Brant Stock

“Years ago, I opened Headache Relief Chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah, a practice where I specialized in treating tension headaches. Of all the treatments I would perform on my patients, there was one that made all the difference. It’s called Sub-Occipital Release Rechnique or SORT.

I thought, ‘There must be a way for my patients to do this themselves at home.’ However, competing products weren’t effective enough and didn’t specifically target the correct sub-occipital area for tension headaches.

So, I created Tension Releazzzer™, and my patients love it!

Now, I’m on a mission to help the hopeless treat their headaches more effectively worldwide. I hope I can help you too!”

Dr. Brant Stock, Licensed Chiropractor


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