Wood House Army NYMD FW2018 photos by Cheryl Gorski review by Austin Velarde

Bring It To The Runway- Wood House Army Fall/Winter 2018
By Austin Velarde 
In the words of Ru Paul, it is time to “bring it to the runway” for the Wood House Army.
Couple Julian Woodhouse and Kirill Kabachenko created an awakening of thought with their latest Fall/Winter 2018 collection.
Filled with camel and burgundy camouflage pants, along with grand black fur hats, this nuclear collection spread light on the current tumultuous political climate faced by all across the world. In the face of potential nuclear war, the Wood House Army is sending the message that nuclear is “a mindset, not a defense mechanism” and that if “humankind viewed itself as a collective society” the possibilities of how far civilization could grow together are virtually endless.
Highlighting this politically charged collection is an impeccable silver studded, burgundy fur jacket.
Paired over a black shirt printed with a WHA nuclear mushroom cloud and a navy blue camouflage/black vinyl pant, this look executes the message that the time for banding together as an army is now.
Humanity as a whole is confronted with the highly volatile political atmosphere and needs to unite together as one to overcome it.
After the spectacular Fall/Winter 2018 presentation, the time for the Wood House Army to hit the runway is imminent.
Julian Woodhouse’s incredible eye for making fashion and politics unanimous has earned him the spot to show his next Spring/Summer 2019 collection as a separate entity from New York Men’s Day.
Hopefully, Woodhouse will take heed of Ru Paul’s words of “bring it to the runway” and create a remarkable runway show next Men’s NYFW.



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