WoodHouse Army NYMD SS2020 photos by Cheryl Gorski

Julian: US Army Veteran Currently Serving in the US ARMY Reserve. Self-taught sewer and pattern maker. Met Partner/ Husband, Kirill during there brand’s first season.

Majoring in International Business with a Minor in Spanish and an Emphasis in Creative Direction, Julian has diversified his professional experience in the performing arts, banking, artistic direction, graphic design, modeling, styling, and wardrobe consulting. He designed his first five men’s ready-to-wear collections while simultaneously serving as the  Second-in-Command of his Military Intelligence Unit in Korea. Julian completed his four years of active service in December 2016. Leaving his well-oiled supply chain and managers active in Seoul, he moved to NYC in January 2017 to establish the brand’s Administrative Headquarters and focus on the global expansion of his already multinational brand.

Kirill: Kirill Kabachenko was born in Zaporozhue, Ukraine. During his childhood, architecture and design were hobbies and this focus led him to major in Architectural Design in university. At the age of 17, Kirill began dual-tracking his education with an international modeling career, taking him to  Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Bangalore, and Seoul, and has continued his journey into NYC and Milan. Kirill as Chief Operations Officer (COO), manages all logistic operations within WOOD HOUSE Army including visual elements, supply chain innovations, and the daily operations of the brand by ensuring sound production and sourcing. Under Kirill’s strategic guidance, the brand established a specialized supply chain in Seoul, South Korea. In 2016 Kirill took his multifaceted career to New York City.

Inspiration: Extended’s Finale represents the result of spiritual enlightenment. When you reach a high level of awareness you begin to see things as fact or fiction. Fiction being life viewed through society’s lens and fact being the reality of our paradisiacal experience of life and the limitless manifestations we all contribute to energetically. We used three colors for the collection, Black, white, and red to exemplify the simplicity of understanding how fact and fiction coexist (seen through black and white) amongst living things (represented by red). The goal of this collection is for us to communicate balance and how living life once, “Extended” can bring on new awareness and can create space for growth and collaboration with other humans living in our very own perfectly paradisiacal planet.

Twenty percent of the sales from the Extended Finale collection will be donated to Art4AIDS, a non-profit organization working to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.


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