The inspiration for the collection were two great queens.
Two women, two epochs.
Elizaveta Petrovna and Victoria.
Very different at first glance, ruled at different times, by different states.
Elizaveta Petrovna was an innovator who developed art, culture and science.
Known as fashionista, followed the trends and set the tone for the whole court. A passionate lover of the Baroque, the empress introduced a desire for luxury and grandeur even in small things, so that the Russian imperial court of the 1740s and 1950s was one of the most sophisticated in Europe.
She did not appear in the same costume twice, preferring to change outfits several times a day, thanks to this, more than 15 thousand dresses are inherited.
Victoria was an absolute puritan.
In her time, irreproachable reputation was valued above any money, while doubtful one instantly closed all doors.
Politeness and restraint were considered virtues.
Queen Victoria became the first British monarch to wear a white wedding dress.
At that time, any colors other than white were accepted in the wedding fashion.
The queen invented a special model of a wedding dress – Victorian with a narrow bodice, voluminous skirt on crinolines and a long train.
The Yanina Couture Fall-Winter 2020 collection is built on contrasts and a mixture of styles of two heroines, two eras.

Luxurious corsets, royal ball gowns, puffy sleeves, embroidered stockings, bows, combined with chaste, closed attire, high neck, white cuffs and collars. Yulia Yanina subtly mixes epochs and different cultures, masterly
plays with fabrics, combining Chantilly lace with leather, a weightless veil with velvet, and embroidering stockings with stones. A strict suit with a long, narrow skirt, making a step meek and unhurried, combined with a leather top, a deaf velvet dress with long sleeves, but with a translucent lace insert on the chest.
Collection as a defiance. The defiance is to stay a women. Despite all the victories in business or politics, a woman should remain a fashionista, a coquette, a wife, a friend and inspiration … and if not for the whole
nation, then for her family, loved ones and herself.


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