2020 Engagement Ring Trends

2020 Engagement Ring Trends 

 Want to know what the latest trends in engagement rings will be in the new year?

Shane Co predicts will be the top bling of 2020.

Geometric Shapes

Art deco will have a comeback in 2020 but with a modern twist. Geometric diamonds like baguette and emerald-cuts will be go-tos for our new brides, with their sleek, regal look pairing well in both solitaire and vintage settings.

“These diamond shapes are great for the bride who is both on-trend and classic, just like the celebrity icons Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez who rock emerald-cut stones,” says Mary Frances Joseph, Brand Manager at Shane Co. “Emeralds will be the most popular for center stones, with baguettes reigning for accents in the engagement ring setting as well as in wedding bands.”


Yellow Gold

Brides have officially moved aside from white gold, loving the more timeless look of yellow gold engagement rings.

“Hailey Bieber and Meghan Markle will no longer stand out for their classic yellow gold engagement rings,” says Mary Frances Joseph . “The metal is most popular in solitaire settings, which we’ve seen become a go-to style in 2019.”


Brides are increasingly looking for ways to make their engagement rings more personalized and unique to stand out amongst their friends.

“Choosing a gemstone for your center stone allows you to create a unique, personalized look without losing the feel of an engagement ring,” says Mary Frances Joseph.

“Sapphires make a great alternative to diamonds, as their hardness makes them perfect for everyday wear,” says Mary Frances Joseph. “While the traditional blue sapphire worn by Kate Middleton remains the most popular engagement ring shade, sapphires come in every color in the rainbow, and we expect brides to branch out to even more shades in 2020.”


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